Friday, 18 March 2011

That tired/not tired feeling you get after work

Well, you know the one. You finish work, exhausted and tired, only to come home with newfound energy which you have nothing to do with since it's 11pm at night. Yeah, I always get that.

So, as previously mentioned, I'll be talking quite a bit about games, computers, programming and things which take my fancy. Well, I may as well give you a very short, condensed and to-the-point bio about myself:

I attend TAFE, I'm currently learning Programming, I enjoy any and all music bar most modern mainstream stuff, but metal truly has a big place in my metaphorical heart. I take pride in my ability to argue a point across, and I am almost always snacking on some sort of food. (How am I still thin!?)

But yeah, time for some Minecraft!

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