Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Pascal's infuriating triangles, and M-14s!

So, at Tafe we're trying to write a program which tells one the value of any given row/position of a Pascal triangle. Pascal triangles are simple enough in theory, as you will see below:

So yeah, there's a fairly distinguishable pattern within the triangle, however, I may impale myself on one by Friday if I can't figure this damned coding out. I'm fairly sure I have the method I need, but syntax errors are a bitch.

Anywho, onto a more pressing matter: The M-14 Semi-automatic rifle in Call of Duty: Black Ops (Commonly referred to by my manager Luke as "Blops") has gained a new spot in one of my 5 custom loadouts. While it is obviously a horrible choice for the likes of Nuketown and some of the other smaller maps, it remains an effective weapon, and can achieve the ROF of a regular Assault Rifle given your finger has a nervous twitching disorder or somesuch. 2 shots is effectively a kill, apart from those goddamn Second Chance assholes. Yes, I'm calling you out! Take death like a man and stay down.

Here's the seemingly wonderful rifle:

While not as effective as the FN FAL in some cases, this gun retains a place in history as an effective War and Hunting rifle. With that said, I shall go and make my Butter Chicken frozen dinner, which taste oddly delicious for a non-name-brand meal. (For any Australians reading, try the Coles brand Butter Chicken. It's worth it!)

So, comment- and discussion-wise, what's your favourite main weapon in Black Ops, along with your Attachment(s)? It'd be great to hear from those who're reading this!



  1. cool triangle system, following

  2. This got me really thinking ^^

    PS. annoying word verification system you have ^^

  3. Eh, word verification, the bane of all things wonderful. I didn't intentionally put it in, so I shall remove it now. :P

  4. i'm a math major so pascal triangles are a breeze

  5. Good article, too bad i ain't that smart to understand math that well ;(